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7 June 2015 | 0 COMMENTS

I'm slowly trying to get back into blogging, but after work the last thing I want to do is to get back on an illuminated screen. Don't get me wrong — I love my job (is love too strong a word? I don't really know), but my eyes tire easily these days. On top of that I just haven't been in the mood to take pictures with my actual camera (my phone's camera annoys me to no end), and I guess this lack of motivation has been accumulating for a while...

But today, I come with some pictures, yay!

The stack of physical comics that I've accumulated since March. Not pictured above: Volume 1 of Alex + Ada (I lent my copy to a friend yesterday).

These are mostly trade paperbacks / collected editions, though recently I've started subscribing to individual issues at a comic book store (A-Force + Fight Club 2, if you were wondering). That hardcover edition of Sex Criminals at the bottom looks a little out of place — it's pink (and I hate pink ack), and isn't something I'd usually read, but it's pretty hilarious and tackles the (usually) taboo topic of sex (and mental health, although the mental health bit has nothing to do with the sex bits, ahaha) in a very well-written manner.

I have my eye on a bunch of other titles to add to this stack; they're mostly physical copies of whatever I've read on my computer screen but now that I have to pay for transportation and other things I guess I have to take tiny steps...

I bought these two weeks ago, and am still somewhere between the first few chapters of No Longer Human (because I got distracted by all the wonderful illustrations in comic books...).

+ I had been looking for the Kobo Abe books I haven't read (prior to this I'd only read + owned + enjoyed The Box Man and The Woman in the Dunes, and was feeling a bit iffy about ordering from the Book Depository because they take forever to arrive), so when I chanced upon the last copy of The Ark Sakura at the bookstore I had to buy it.

Also, I got a new pair of glasses!

I never really liked transparent frames before these, but I was itching for some sort of change at the optician. Then I stumbled upon this pair and fell in love with the arms, and the rest is history.

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