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Captain Marvel & the Carol Corps #1 — Kelly Sue DeConnick, Kelly Thompson & David Lopez

17 June 2015 | 0 COMMENTS

One of the first comics I started reading was Captain Marvel (written mostly by Kelly Sue DeConnick & drawn by David Lopez + a bunch of other talented artists in the past — all the art is beautiful and asking me to pick a favourite artist is difficult...). I can't remember how I started on her adventures in the first place, but over the past few months Captain Marvel / Carol Danvers has come to hold a very special place in my heart (that sounds really cheesy), and I'm excited for her solo movie to hit the big screens**.

The second run has recently ended, and for their huge & mostly confusing Secret Wars event/reboot*, Marvel has a new series for my favourite shark-punching sparklefisted high-flyer: Captain Marvel & the Carol Corps!

Props to John Tyler Christopher for making me shell out extra for a fancy variant cover — I couldn't resist.

Look at the little scuff marks, ahhh. I wish the action figure was a real thing.

So. I don't want to talk too much about the plot — there are a bunch of pretty well-written reviews out there. What you should know about the comic, however, are these:

All in all, this was an exciting first issue, and I can't wait to see what happens next!

* I tried reading some of the other titles in this huge crossover thing, and the only one I liked so far was A-Force (which I have a subscription for, yay). I tried reading the main Secret Wars series but so far it's been a hit-and-miss for me — I guess they're just not my cup of tea. What really annoys me is the fact that the few other series I enjoyed are not getting the endings they deserve (seriously, what's with Spider-Gwen #5?!), and the whole premise of this retcon hurts my head so much, blergh.

** The most important question in my mind: who will they cast? I'd love to see Anna Torv as Carol — she did such a wonderful job on Fringe and it's a little disappointing to see that she hasn't been in any major role since.

I went to the doctor yesterday for the third time in the past two months — this was apparently something I never really recovered from. Hello, gigantic antibiotic tablets, another decongesting nasal spray, and two days off from work.

It's a good thing this little break ends tomorrow — I am quite bored from sleeping all day because of the antibiotics.

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