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(in which i completely forgot about this space)

29 June 2016 | 0 COMMENTS

somewhere on the train in hokkaido, dated 8th march 2015

time flies. the title explains it all, really.

i have quite a number of thoughts floating around in my head, but just when i'm about to put pen to paper / smash them out on my keyboard with two fingers, they vanish and i'm left feeling quite frustrated with myself... which leads to me avoiding avoiding certain activities, one of which includes updating this blog of sorts.

at the start of 2016, i had a list full of things that i wanted to complete, and it included reviving this dead corner of the internet. half the year has gone by, and somehow i've managed to cross out a few items on the list (good job, self), but now as i look back those were the ones that were relatively easy to accomplish — striking those off my list may have made me feel slightly better about my inability to see things through, but i really missed doing the more difficult things that made me happier. i was packing my room a couple of weeks back and i found my old lettering sketchbook and flipping through it reminded me of why i stopped in the first place (which was fucking ridiculous, come to think of it — i am going to start afresh in a new sketchbook). then i realised i had my bed surrounded by piles of books & comics that i loved (or enjoyed enough to not sell them away) and wanted so badly to talk about, but i had no one to talk to about them — except for this blog. i may have been shouting into the void when i used to post here on a more regular basis, but at least i was creating an exchange of sorts between my past & current / future self.

i have more books than i did before, and i still want to write about their plot lines and art. why did i stop?

TL;DR: i wrote an incoherent mess above, but i'll be back. soon. maybe even by this sunday, we'll see.

...maybe i'll even throw in some pictures i took while i was in korea~



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